Titel: Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) - help with utflyttning & school certificate
Skrivet av: Kathryn Stone skrivet 2013-01-18, 23:07
Hello Stefan!
You seem to be always coming to my rescue with great information, for which I am ever so grateful. Your explanation of the schooling situation is very helpful - thank you!
The information regarding Anders Peter Grönberg in Ebbelyckan, Slaka, however, I can't figure out at all. When I go to Slaka AI:20, image 62/page 53, it is not Ebbelyckan, and there is no Grönberg. I have even browsed through most of the book and can't find anything. I have looked for Ebbelyckan in AI:19, AI:18,and AI:17 without any luck. I finally found Ebbelyckan in AI:15, [page 128, image 115] but there is no Grönberg.  I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong! Help! Again.