Titel: Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) - help with utflyttning & school certificate
Skrivet av: Judy Olson Baouab skrivet 2013-01-21, 18:49
First, I want to congratulate you and thank you for an incredibly well organized and well sourced request. This is highly unusual. (Typical requests are often similar to: Peter Johnson married Anna Nelson. I want to know their parents and siblings and living relatives because I'm going to Sweden next week and I want to meet them and see the old home place. Note the lack of Swedish versions of the names, dates of any kind, and locations of any kind.)
Second, the guardian in an estate inventory had a legal position. It was his legal duty to make sure the under-aged children were brought up properly and he was not allowed to sell their property to help the underaged children unless the court agreed. It was not his responsiblity to physically care for the children. Someone else would have probably done that.
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