Titel: SV: Need help with death record abbreviations and vocabulary, 1868, Böne parish, please
Skrivet av: Leif Lundkvist skrivet 2017-05-01, 02:27
She actually died in Böne, but she was not a member of that parish, thus she was not counted in Böne. She should have been registered and counted in the parish where she was a member. You say she left Södra Ving, was she registered in Böne, I can't se her in Hällunda? Where was she registered in Ving before the movment? I'm quite sure "Ving in Ås Härad" was the name of the Södra Ving parish at that time, as there was another Ving not far away. The word to the right is "Skattskrifwen" (Skattskriven), registerd for tax (in Ving in Ås Härad). There might have been a controversy between Ving and Böne, Ving said she had moved but Böne had not accepted that, thus she was not properly registerd in neither parish.