Titel: Help understanding why my grandmother ended up immigrating to Detroit, living with a couple she was not related to
Skrivet av: George Lind skrivet 2018-05-11, 16:09
My grandmother Signe Andersson came to the United States in 1911 from Goteborg.  On the passenger listing in New York it says that she is coming to America to stay with a friend named Alma Hunter in Detroit Michigan.  My grandmother was 17 at the time and is not related to Alma in any way.  I have not found much on Alma but the 1920 census says she was born in Indiana in 1871.  Her husband Lewis C. Hunter was born in Illinois in 1843.  In the 1920 census my grandmother is listed as a lodger living with the Hunters.  They were much older than my grandmother when she came to America and were not Swedish.  I don't see any connection.  Both my grandparents passed away before I was born and my father knows nothing about why or how his mother came to America. Is it possible that they were some kind of sponsor for her or she responded to an ad?  It seems very odd that she ended up in Detroit.  I hope someone may have ideas as to where to look or was this a common practice?