Titel: SV: Help understanding why my grandmother ended immigrating to Detroit, living with a couple she was not related to
Skrivet av: Marianne Karlsson skrivet 2018-05-11, 16:28
I have no idea, but more questions.
You say that Alma wasn´t Swedish, but perhaps her parents?
Had she been to Sweden for a visit - and then met Signe, as a neighbour or distant relative to someone? Search for her in passenger lists?
Signe could have responded to an ad, I Think that was common.
I suppose you know about Signe´s Swedish family, is there anyone emigrated to US earlier? Maybe something is said about her leaving in the parish books, have you checked that?
(Another question: Is you right about Alma born 1871 and her husband 1843 - has nothing to do with your entry I guess.)
Just what is on my mind for now. /Marianne