Titel: SV: Searching for the parents Emma Karolina Sundin (1880)
Skrivet av: Kristina Gunnarsdotter skrivet 2018-11-04, 21:26
On the same page is Maria Jönsdotter's mother Sofia Nordström on the top and her brother Jonas Petter below.

Sofia Nordström is said to be born in Stockholm 1821, Sept 28.
Lockne AI:10 (1884-1894) Bild 2320 / sid 226 (AID: v114827.b2320.s226, NAD: SE/ÖLA/11074)

There are two orphanage children in Tand, Lockne. Maria Ch Nordström b May 6 1823 and G.G. Reinhold Nordström, b Dec 15 1827.  Maybe Sofia is also an orphanage child.I have searched all three in Stockholm orphanage without success.

Lockne AI:5 (1839-1847) Bild 1660 / sid 156 (AID: v114820.b1660.s156, NAD: SE/ÖLA/11074)
Lockne AI:5 (1839-1847) Bild 1630 / sid 153 (AID: v114820.b1630.s153, NAD: SE/ÖLA/11074)