Titel: SV: Searching for records on Smithburg (or Smithburgh or Smithberger possibly)
Skrivet av: Diane Smithburg skrivet 2018-11-26, 18:46
Hi Kristina!
Thanks for the response. I agree on the name change speculation.

As far as the move in preparation for emigration: I was referring to Arne's post of the church record: "and returned to Djursdala early 1848". It seemed odd to me that they would move right before they were going to emigrate. However I may just be over-thinking it!

Arne: I have been able to find the records that you linked for me but I will confess only by looking through the whole book! I did find confirmation class records also. I will have to read up on search hints before proceeding. Thanks! And if I haven't received an email in a few weeks I will reach out to you if that is okay.